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The common Topics of Theology

When we say loci, what we are basically saying is 'Topic'. In the ancient world as they categorized thoughts, they used a method called the Loci Method, which was a categorization of topics in order of importance or material. We at the Thinking Fellows, are going through topics of theology, one at a time. We are doing this according to the Loci method, therefore we are not hitting these topics randomly. We are starting with those that are central. From there we are working through the other topics of theology in order to the most central locus.

That most central topic according to us and the Lutheran tradition is the person and work of Jesus Christ, specifically his dying and rising for our justification. Then we address all other topics of theology in view of that. How it influences and effects all other topics. The Loci is a systematic category, its a way of organizing in a way that can be organized and studied effectively.